8 HDR Fighter Jets

It is a well known fact that fighter jets are made of pure testosterone! Check out this HDR collection of fighters doing what they do best...looking awesome!
by Pogobone

Tornado - HDR - RIAT 2010
by richrly

Luftwaffe Panavia Tornado HDR
by casparsmit

by Russell Churchill

<HDR> F-16D Fighting Falcon
by skho

Top Hat
by markinaustin

Mikoyan-Gurevich MiG-21 Fishbed #1 :: HDR
by servalpe

Harrier RAF HDR
by Allan R Chapman

Leather and Laces

Here are some fantastic pics of the gloves that remind me of my years as an amateur boxer!  Boxing is a sport that requires extreme sacrifice and dedication, but rewards you with layers of character and discipline.

Boxing Glove
by SnoopSnaps

Boxing Gloves
by Mark Brugemma

Old boxing gloves
by kylotofoto

red boxing gloves
by Bert Meijers

Boxing glove
by Andre Marton

Boxing Glove
by Anthony D.

Inspiring Car Photos!

Some really inspiring car photos by Sukun Photography
These shots are really fantastic! You can find more of Sukun's work on his Flickr Photostream

Tips and Techniques for Combat Sports Photography

Being a fan and former participant of combat sports, I've always loved seeing photos of the perfect punch.  Sweat flying off of a fighter when he gets blasted in the mouth by his opponent, and giggling like a kid at the post-punch contorted expressions of facial mastication!  Here is a link to a great interview with Ed Mulholland, a fantastic boxing and MMA photographer, discussing how he got into the biz, and how he gets those fantastic shots!
Photo courtesy of Ed Mulholland

Photographing a Lamborghini

It's no secret that I love cars.  All kinds of cars, from vintage to the modern and exotic!   So when I find the opportunity to pass along some great information on vehicle photography, I jump at it! Take a look at this video from DPS on how to photograph a Lamborghini Aventador...the finished product is fantastic!
Photo courtesy of photoblog.com 

5 Best Maternity Photo Tips

Here are some amazing tips for making the most from your next maternity photo shoot!!  These tips are fantastic for the newbie and pros alike!

Choosing The Correct Aperture For Every Situation

Choosing the correct aperture for your photographs can be a tricky thing to do.  Knowing which aperture works best in any given situation takes alot of practice...and unfortunately in my case, a great deal of trial and error.  But it doesn't have to be that way...take a look at this article on choosing the correct aperture for a quick primer geared towards new photographers!
Photo courtesy of prozac1 at FreeDigitalPhotos

How To Take Photos That Sell Cars

If you have a vehicle to sell, taking a great photo of it will definitely speed up the process!  Taking a great photo of the car you want to sell will automatically make it stand out from the competition...even if their vehicle is a little nicer or in better shape. Take a look at this article on taking photos that sell cars, and find out how easy it is to stand out from the crowd!
Photo courtesy of M-Pics at FreeDigitalPhotos

Top Reasons For Using Manual Focus

This is a must read article for every photographer! I love auto focus, but there are many times in different situations where using the manual feature is the better choice. Sometimes it's the only real choice! Check out the article here! We're going old school, son!
Photo courtesy of Arvind Balaraman at FreeDigitalPhotos

8 Steps For Cleaning Your SLR Sensor

Anyone who has been taking pictures has, or will have to deal with the issue of dust on their cameras sensor.  It sucks...I know from experience.  The amount of time that I have wasted in Photoshop removing the same specks of dust from every one of my images is ridiculous!  In the end, I caved and took my camera in to get cleaned.  But there are other effective ways to take care of this problem!! Take a look at this article from Cambridge in Colour that delves deep into the issue that we all have to deal with sooner or, in my stubborn case, later!
Photo courtesy of Sura Nualpradid at FreeDigitalPhotos