Tips and Techniques for Combat Sports Photography

Being a fan and former participant of combat sports, I've always loved seeing photos of the perfect punch.  Sweat flying off of a fighter when he gets blasted in the mouth by his opponent, and giggling like a kid at the post-punch contorted expressions of facial mastication!  Here is a link to a great interview with Ed Mulholland, a fantastic boxing and MMA photographer, discussing how he got into the biz, and how he gets those fantastic shots!
Photo courtesy of Ed Mulholland

Photographing a Lamborghini

It's no secret that I love cars.  All kinds of cars, from vintage to the modern and exotic!   So when I find the opportunity to pass along some great information on vehicle photography, I jump at it! Take a look at this video from DPS on how to photograph a Lamborghini Aventador...the finished product is fantastic!
Photo courtesy of