5 Best Maternity Photo Tips

Here are some amazing tips for making the most from your next maternity photo shoot!!  These tips are fantastic for the newbie and pros alike!

Choosing The Correct Aperture For Every Situation

Choosing the correct aperture for your photographs can be a tricky thing to do.  Knowing which aperture works best in any given situation takes alot of practice...and unfortunately in my case, a great deal of trial and error.  But it doesn't have to be that way...take a look at this article on choosing the correct aperture for a quick primer geared towards new photographers!
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How To Take Photos That Sell Cars

If you have a vehicle to sell, taking a great photo of it will definitely speed up the process!  Taking a great photo of the car you want to sell will automatically make it stand out from the competition...even if their vehicle is a little nicer or in better shape. Take a look at this article on taking photos that sell cars, and find out how easy it is to stand out from the crowd!
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Top Reasons For Using Manual Focus

This is a must read article for every photographer! I love auto focus, but there are many times in different situations where using the manual feature is the better choice. Sometimes it's the only real choice! Check out the article here! We're going old school, son!
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8 Steps For Cleaning Your SLR Sensor

Anyone who has been taking pictures has, or will have to deal with the issue of dust on their cameras sensor.  It sucks...I know from experience.  The amount of time that I have wasted in Photoshop removing the same specks of dust from every one of my images is ridiculous!  In the end, I caved and took my camera in to get cleaned.  But there are other effective ways to take care of this problem!! Take a look at this article from Cambridge in Colour that delves deep into the issue that we all have to deal with sooner or, in my stubborn case, later!
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Creating Soft Focus Effect Using Photoshop

Take a peak at this tutorial for creating a soft focus image in Photoshop. This technique can be used in many different areas such as wedding photography and portraits!  I've used it many times and always get awesome results!

10 Portrait Tips You Can't Do Without

It seems to me that if you need portraits taken, you have to head off to your local grocery or department store photo studio, run by some kid on summer holidays who doesn't have a clue and hope for the best!
Retailers love to use what they call a Loss Leader to lure you into their stores by offering you a great deal (cheap photos, etc), with the hopes that you will spend more of your hard earned money while you are there! But with a little practice and some fantastic portrait tips, you can be done with this annoyance for good!!  This DPS tutorial will definitely get you on the fast track to taking top notch portraits!
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Smoke Photography Made Easy

I absolutely love smoke photography! It's fantastic for wallpapers or for fine art display! The best part about it is that no two pictures are alike! Here is a great video tutorial showing you how to get the best possible results!
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