Cropping Your Photos

Cropping your photos is easy and it's something everyone should do!  It blows my mind how many basic photos could be improved with this simple skill.  Here are the top reasons why you should start cropping yours!
  • Removing distracting elements from the frame.  Because there is nothing more irritating than posing for a photo to be posted on Facebook with your best friend at a night club, and having some jackass in the background flipping the bird!!
  • Bringing the attention of the viewer to the subject of your photo.  Kind of in line with the first reason, it naturally brings the viewers eyes to where you want them.
  • Changing the aspect ratio of the photo.  Maybe you need to change an 8x10 to a 4x6, or you need a portrait view of a subject as opposed to a landscape .
  • Creative cropping.  Maybe you need to straighten a crooked photo, or vise - versa.  You can give your photo an entirely different mood by simply changing the angle of your borders.
In my opinion, almost every photo could be cropped.  Even the most well thought out and prepared compositions could potentially use this simple and fantastic tool to give images that little boost from good to great!
Here are some quick examples of cropped photos that were took last winter of my kids sledding!


 Feel free to leave comments or post links to your newly cropped photos!!